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Jimmy Street professional driver ( airport shuttle)

   Jimmy Street is a husband, father of four, a professional driver, and an Entrepreneur. Jim has three adult children and a 13-year-old. Originally from Philadelphia, Jim moved to Florida in 1991. In Florida, he eventually meets his wife Kimberly and starts a family. 

    In 1998 he joined the Army. While serving in the Army, Jim spent time in South Korea, Virginia, and Washington State. From January 2004 to January 2005, Jim deployed to Iraq in support of OIFII (Operation Iraqi Freedom II). The former Sergeant Street spent seven years in the service of his country and served honorably.

    Jimmy and his family moved to Kansas in 2018 after spending nearly four years in South Korea. His wife is a Department of Defense (DoD) employee and works as a nurse case manager for the Army. In 2014, Jim's wife Kimberly accepted a position at the Camp Casey TMC (troop medical clinic [area I]) in Dongducheon (동두천-시), South Korea. Jim's wife is now a DoD employee at Fort Riley, KS.

    James' education includes an A.S degree in general studies and a B.A. degree in criminal justice both from Saint Leo's University, FL. Jim recently completed a Master of Public Administration degree (MPA) with course work in healthcare administration and national security from Troy University, AL. While in Korea, James also studied the Korea language at Hankuk University (한국 대학교). While in Korea, Jim started working on a certificate program in Korean language and culture at UMUC Asia Camp Casey, South Korea.

    Jim's driving experience is extensive. He holds a commercial driver license (CDL) with a passenger endorsement. Jim has had a CDL since 2013. He has driven large commercial trucks and passenger buses over the years. Jim has also driven in all kinds of conditions to include convoying into Iraq from Kuwait. Even more challenging is he drove on the streets of Seoul, South Korea for nearly four years while living in Asia. Jim has driven in countries where they operate on the wrong side of the road as well, like Australia. Jim's driving history is without incident; he has a clean driving record. shuttle for hire in Fort Riley shuttle in Fort.