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2020 Jump Street Shuttle LLC Credentials

JSS believes in transparency. JSS takes pride in doing business according to all local, state, and Federal regulations. Manhattanites describe Jump Street as honest, having integrity and safety serving Fort Riley, KS.

2020 JSS Credentials (pdf)


Guiding Principles

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    Jump Street Shuttle (sm) LLC exists to serve the community through the delivery of honest and timely quality shuttle service by staff who demonstrate outstanding safety and customer service. We embrace the integrity of the JSS Mission to help our passengers by providing exceptional airport transfer service that improves their travel experience to Fort Riley or Manhattan, KS.


     Jump Street Shuttle LLC will be recognized locally, regionally, and nationally as a leader in quality transportation, positive customer service, and excellent employment opportunities. We strive to be a customer-centered organization for travelers, providing safety and excellence in passenger shuttle service.  JSS aspires to be an honest organization where people choose to work, serving as a community partner, and back-up for airport transfer's when your family, friends, or colleagues just can't make the drive. JSS has integrity in Manhattan, KS and Fort Riley.

Key business drivers integrity

     Our principal business drivers are safety, honesty and quality services, access to timely routes, financial integrity to expand services, passenger satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. If you are coming or going from Manhattan, KS or Fort Riley get on the Jump Street Express airport shuttle to MCI.


     Act with high moral principles. Adhere to the highest professional safety standards. Maintain the integrity, trust and confidence of all with whom I engage. JSS is an honest shuttle service in Manhattan, KS and Fort Riley, KS.


      Work diligently to serve riders and other stakeholders. Be driven by an earnest belief in JSS's mission with safety, integrity, and honesty in Manhattan and Fort Riley. Fulfill my responsibilities and organizational responsibilities.


      Be genuinely customer-centric by identifying, fully considering, and appropriately advancing the interests of passengers and other beneficiaries. JSS is honest. Safety and integrity is essential.


      Treat all those I serve and with whom I work with dignity and respect. Show respect to earn it. Manhattan and Fort Riley's most honest and safety shuttle service. JSS has integrity.


     Strive for safety, the highest integrity, honest, quality and continuous improvement. Be thoughtful and decisive in leadership, accountable for my actions, willing to admit mistakes, and rigorous in correcting them.