JSS difference: taxi, airport shuttle, MCI, ICT, KCI, MHK

Getting you there!

Taxi Fort Riley, Manhattan airport shuttle Kansas City Airport MCI/ICT/MHK

      Jump Street Shuttle LLC, upon arrival at Fort Riley realized a gap in shuttle coverage to the troops on base. This realization was the start of Jump Street Shuttle LLC. JSS is owner operated, so when you contact JSS, you know you’re speaking with Jim. After moving many times over the years, the Street family intends to put down roots here in the Fort Riley, Manhattan-Ogden area and looks forward to getting to know the community. Call if you're a traveler in need of a taxi or livery service.

      Jump Street Shuttle is a hybrid taxicab or shuttle service. What sets Jump Street apart is the autonomy it enjoys to go anywhere the job takes. I can serve the local community from day-to-day or drive you to any of the surrounding states or beyond.

      The name of my company is from the phrase jump street, and you can find it in an urban dictionary. Jump street is an old-school phrase meaning from the beginning, or go. I believe there is marketing value in this name and over time it can develop into something more than just a name.

Idiomatic expression - an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up.

example: Once I decided to start a business, I knew from jump street or the jump, that it would be a shuttle company. 

Also, in an email to the director at my daughter's school, I failed to include my name. In his response to my email, he addressed me as Mr. Street, most likely because it was in my company email address, jumpstreetshuttle@outlook.com.  I thought it had a catchy sound and would make a good DBA (doing business as) name. So, for business/marketing purposes I'm am now aka - Jimmy Street, owner-operator of Jump Street Shuttle LLC.

      Do you need an hourly rate for the local area? In need of car service for shopping in the Manhattan or Junction City area? Maybe a run to Ikea or Costco (I have a membership if you don't) in Kansas City? Perhaps you want to do some sightseeing in Kansas. I can help with that. Jump Street is getting you there!

      Jump Street Shuttle LLC is a legal entity registered with the Kansas Secretary of State. JSS is also permit approved to operate on Fort Riley. Also, JSS is licensed and authorized to work in the city of Manhattan-Ogden, KS. Customers can also check on JSSLLC by going directly to the Secretary of State website and by calling the Manhattan City Hall to verify JSS's credentials. Getting you there!

      Jump Street Shuttle LLC is insured for commercial operations. JSS carries commercial auto insurance with Progressive. JSS also has commercial general liability insurance. The proof of insurance is available upon request. Getting you there!